Water damaged, rotting wood porch repair underway.

Paint applied to exterior wood surfaces must withstand yearly extremes in temperature and humidity. Because moisture penetration is the number one enemy of wood, paint or stain protection can provide a key element in slowing deterioration not only of a building’s exterior siding but, ultimately, its underlying structure.

It’s not uncommon for new owners of buildings, especially historic properties, to inherit areas of paint that have failed beyond the point of cleaning, scraping, and hand sanding. Some damage is not visible until the surface layer is removed. In other cases the damage may be located along an elevated area such as roof-line and does not become apparent until closer inspection from the vantage point of a ladder. That’s the bad news. The good news is with Momaney Painters, you won’t have to search for another contractor to do the repairs. 

Repair Work

Porch Stairs Revitalized

Momaney Painters can provide:

  • Clapboard replacements
  • Rotted siding removal and repair
  • Frame repairs
  • Porch repairs

We understand the key elements involved with wood decay. What property owners often don’t realize is that decomposition typically does not occur suddenly; rather, the damage can be quite gradual and remain inconspicuous for many years.

Momaney Painters will not only address the needed repairs to damaged wood, we will look at the underlying issues (e.g., lack of ventilation, leaky downspouts, or rain leaks) and, where possible, make suggestions to try to minimize the likelihood of re-occurrence. We will also carefully assess fungal growth which, if not completely removed, will continue to spread and cause damage. 

Surface Preparation

House with lead paint that has been properly scraped and is ready for oil primer.

By far, the most important aspect of a long term paint job is the preparation. 50+ years of experience has taught us that 1.5 inch hand-sharpened steel scrapers will remove more failed paint than the finest carbide scraper available. Complete (or close to complete) removal of old material allows for a much greater surface area for new primer to adhere.

Further, Momaney Painters uses oil primer exclusively for it superior performance  on wood. Unlike latex primers which tend to sit on the surface, oil primer penetrates deeply and provides for a longer-lasting and more protective finish.