The Dummerston Community Center Board of Trustees

Momaney Painters recently painted the exterior and the interior of our 1932 building. The building had not been painted for many years. The Painters went beyond applying paint. Overgrown shrubbery was cut and removed, windows needed much work. The building was pressure washed, scraped, primer applied, with 2 final coats of oil paint giving the building the attention it deserved.

The interior also needed more than painting. The crew removed old heating pipes, removed ceiling light covers that contained a few bats.The list is long of items and good deeds that Moe and crew performed that went beyond  their contract.

The “Painters” were professional, hard working, cheerful and completed all work to our complete satisfaction. We recommend the “Momaney Painters” to anyone who is looking for a responsible, trustworthy, local, long established painting contractor for residential or commercial project.

We encourage anyone to view our building. We are proud of the job done by Momaney Painters.